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Keya and Moe Williams opened Sole Supply as a buy, sell, trade sneaker business in January 2021. They offer street wear brands like Supreme, collectible items, and their own in-house brand of merchandise. But most importantly they are ready to supply your sole with rare or exclusive sneakers like Nike Dunks.

“I’ve been a part of sneaker culture my whole life, since before you could make a profit on sneakers,” Moe says.

Owner Moe Williams
Nike Dunks

The shelves and racks are stocked with items between $100 to $1000, but the couple also has a donation section, where if you find something in your size, you’re welcome to have it. Keya says that because sneaker culture is a family, they choose to spread love and create accessibility with this special section.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of buying sneakers Moe and Keya are also in the market for buying sneakers, collectible items, and art. The store doubles as a kind of gallery and is filled with not-for-sale local art, cool collectibles like vintage cereal boxes, and broken skateboards donated by local skaters.

The couple wanted to create an avenue for local artists to display their work so if you have any questions on the pieces, they are more than happy to give you info.

Kick off a new interest in sneakers at 1343 N Sandhills Blvd, Aberdeen. Find Soul Supply on the web, Instagram, and Facebook.

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