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In case booktok or some other form of readerfluencing hasn’t gotten to you yet, we’re here to fill that void. Here’s our picks for your spring reading list. Give your tired eyes a screen break — unless you’re reading from a Kindle, in which case, godspeed.

For When You Need to Laugh:

This book offers tips on everything from workplace politics to sexting, from how to make your apartment look like you read design blogs to where to cry in public. We use it as something to bring us back down to earth and not take life so seriously. Let’s face it, we’re all just winging it. Add to cart.

For When You Need Some Adrenaline:

This one is a nice reminder that even if your knees hurt and you feel like you’re getting old, you can still be a badass. It follows the lives of four women who spent their lives as the deadliest assassins in an international organization, but now that they’re 60 years old and ready to retire, it’s kill or be killed. Killers of a Certain age is action-packed, suspenseful and witty. Put it on the list.

For When You Need Motivation:

Get inspired to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what it is. One of our key takeaways was that it’s OK if you fail and have to try again. This book is all about personal growth. Find your Tunde-ism.

For When You Need Some Romance:

Or when you have a crush you’re beating yourself up about. This romcom is about an aspiring screenwriter who meets an aspiring actor who is basically her dream guy. They plan to meet back up on the same day in 10 years, during which coincidences keep happening. It’ll make you feel better about your own love life and will definitely leave you smiling. It’s better than Hallmark.

For When You Need a Good Cry:

This beautiful story follows the life of a young French girl in 1714 who makes a bargain with the Dark that makes her immortal, but curses her to be forgotten by everyone she meets. This gave us a sense of escapism and broke our hearts at the same time. Dog-ear it.

For when you want in on the tea:

If you feel like the black sheep of your family, Prince Harry’s memoir may be just what you need. Get a glimpse into the life of this royal from his perspective. Spill the tea.

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