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Well gang, we have another mystery on our hands. The case of the disappearing trolley — the one that was supposed to be the first to launch Sandhills Trolley Co. this fall. It was making its way here from Savannah before it literally vanished, driver and all. 

Sandhills Trolley Co. owners Angela Robb and Nicole Stein took a few moments to freak out. Then, they decided to forgo the missing trolley signs and make light of a bad situation with spoof press conferences and a funeral for Trolley 965.

The mystery became the perfect way for their team of tour guides to practice their improv skills. It’s almost like they planned — wait, nevermind. They wouldn’t do that. There’s a police report and everything. Or is there? Anyway…

Sandhills Trolley Co. still plans to launch next month. They already have a new trolley, No. 722, named for the day they purchased it. With a/c and slightly more room inside, it’s actually a bit of an upgrade.

“722 is now our good luck charm,” says Nicole. Stay up-to-date on whodunnit on Sandhills Trolley Co.’s Facebook

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