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Just when you thought little Diggie Smalls’ life couldn’t get much sweeter, The Pet Lodge of Pinehurst unveiled their new doggie daycare facility — and it includes the in-ground pool you wished for all quarantine.

Photo by Jenifer Fennell Photography

The new facility opened a couple months ago, and it boasts about 5,500 square feet of enclosed space with toys, a playhouse, obstacle courses, artificial turf grass and more.

During daycare, your furry BFF won’t do much lying around in a kennel. A full-time supervisor hangs around the facility all day long so the dogs can have a human to love on and supervised free rein over the space to play, roam and nap. 

Photo by Jenifer Fennell Photography

Construction for the facility took about six months to complete. The staff is currently working to organize a basic obedience training program that will be offered in the daycare space.

Doggie Daycare at The Pet Lodge of Pinehurst is $25 for 8.5 hours of play time, and its open Monday through Friday. Drop off your good boys and girls after 8 a.m., and pick them up before 5:30 p.m. Those boarding at the Pet Lodge can also pay an extra $10 a day for their pups to enjoy time in the new daycare facility each day.

Photo by Jenifer Fennell Photography

For more information on doggie daycare or other services from The Pet Lodge of Pinehurst, visit their website, check them out on Facebook or give them a call at 910-944-7387.

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