As The Estate of Things prepares to move into its new space at 168 NW Broad Street, we’re taking a moment to look at the transformation in the current space, in the Belvedere Plaza, from a former salon into the hip home decor shop we’ve come to love. After photos courtesy of Rachel Garrison.

Before: Dark and, Well, Kinda Gross. 

After: Light and Bright.

Before: The Sad Remnants of a Kitchen.

After: Open Shelves and a 70s-Inspired Color Palette.

Before: A Bathroom Only the Brave Would Use.

After: A Pretty Place to Primp.

“It’s been so exciting to see thoughts and ideas jump off of the screen and then to have real life feedback from shoppers who appreciate those ideas,” co-owner Betsy Moyer says. “Even the little ones like the mini-kitchen. That space was intended to serve as an inspiration for shoppers as much as it was meant to hold the display of our kitchen collections… and that worked!” 

We can’t wait to see how their new shop will come together. Join the TEOT team at a Friday night cocktail hour and sale as they bid goodbye to their space at the Belvedere Plaza.

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