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You may know a certain house on May Street in Southern Pines for its over-the-top inflatables. You may even have been one of the many who owner Brad Zagol says have stopped traffic to get a better look.

Charlie and Brad Zagol

So what’s the story? Brad wanted to decorate for Christmas for his son, Charlie, and bought a giant inflatable of The Grinch. Why? “Because it’s ridiculous,” he says. So is his energy bill, we’d assume. His tallest inflatable towers at 25 feet.

Brad adds to the collection every year. “I’m pretty much constantly looking for inflatables,” he says. Thankfully, his neighbors are cool about it and even refer to their homes as “the one next to the inflatable house.”

“I’ve had people encourage me to do more for the minor holidays, too,” he says. We’ll be looking for something on Groundhog Day, Brad.

While he goes all out on the display, he says he doesn’t actually know if he gets many trick-or-treaters. “I’m always out with my son,” he laughs. But you ain’t seen stuffing yet — be on the lookout for Thanksgiving inflatables next.

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