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Load up the family and get ready for a morning of diggin’, diggin’, searchin’ right through that luggage. The annual Moore County Community Flea Market is just over a week away on Saturday, August 26 where over 70 vendors will gather to sell slightly used stuff, handmade crafts, homemade baked goods and even discounted grocery store essentials from extreme couponers.

Notables like The Village Soapsmith and B.Younger Wares will be back again selling soaps and soap dishes side by side. Favorite local antique stores PastimesFront Porch Pickin’ and more will have full booths of this-and-that to fill your home. If antiques are not your speed, you can get a free bra fitting from Debra Stone of Essential Bodywear, or check out Damzle in Defense who carries a full line of stylish self defense/concealed carry accessories.

You’ll find birdhouses, bat houses and carpenter bee traps – all the things you never knew you needed. You can pick yard sale treasures to help out nonprofits raising money for good causes, and there will even be animals there ready to adopt (so good luck going home empty handed). We recommend hitting up Old Time Baked Goods’ stand first (her tasty treats are usually the first to go), but plenty of vendors will be selling grub to fuel your shopping all day long.

We remember our first flea market, so a word to the wise: bring cash (there is no ATM or a guarantee that every vendor there accepts cards), bring your own bags or shopping cart if you mean business, and don’t hesitate to ask for a lower price on those pleather pants – the worst they can say is no. Get ready for a whole new wardrobe, because as Macklemore says, “one man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up.”

The Flea Market will take place at The Fair Barn
200 Beulah Hill Rd South
Pinehurst, NC

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