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A 7,000-square-foot steam plant that provided power and heat to village homes and hotels in the 1800s will now provide Uncle Tony with enough liquid courage to take on No. 2. The Pinehurst Resort has plans to rebuild the old smokestack — torn down years after the plant was decommissioned in 1998 — and add a covered terrace, outdoor dining area, beer garden and event lawn.

The brewpub neatly fulfills Pinehurst’s goal to transform the area along Magnolia Road, which is now a random collection of warehouses and overgrowth — and The Resort’s quest to reinvigorate its image.

The project comes as construction is underway at the Greens at the Arboretum Apartment Complex, on the other side of McCaskill Road. But unlike that project, the only blowback we’ve heard about the brewpub is (surprise) that it’s not a Target.

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