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Spring Can be Breathtaking

But when flowers can’t keep it in their plants, you know allergy season is here. Here’s some ways to combat the great pollening and breathe again, breathe again.

  • Get some honey, hunny: Honey has many anti-inflammatory properties, and getting honey from a local source is said to help with allergies because it contains trace amounts of pollen. Find local honey at Will-a-beeTwigg & Co., and Against the Grain Shoppe, among other places. 
  • Get Salty: Try out a salt room to help detox your airway. Breathing in the salty air can also be stress relieving. There’s a room right in downtown Southern Pines where you can book a 45-minute session. 
  • Try essential oils? Make sure you dilute them with a diffuser, bestie. We hear aromatherapies could help reduce inflammation and boost energy. Try lavender, lemon or eucalyptus oil. 
  • Get more vitamin C: This is probably something you should seek out anyway, but getting an extra dose during allergy season can’t hurt.
  • Wear sunglasses: This one isn’t the most foolproof but let’s be real, if you’re reading this list you’re already desperate. We all know they block the haters, and pollen is the ultimate mean girl. 
  • Stay inside: You wanted this, you little introvert, you. Yellow isn’t your color anyway. 

Have another tip? You know what to do — email us at hello@itsthesway.com to share. 

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