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The Foundation: Our first pick features grass-fed beef from Hilltop Farms in Mt. Gilead, so it’s almost like a salad. Comes complete with a roasted tomato and mozzarella cheese with basil aioli. Find it at Ashten’s for $16.

Bacon Jam: Chapman’s takes the classic bacon cheeseburger to a new level by adding a slightly sweet jelly layer made of, yep, bacon. $14

The Baby Burger: A fourth of a pound is all you need when you have the option to add 14 toppings, all for $5. Try it at Dave’s Place. Oh, and be sure to try the tater tots.

Chipotle Ranch Bacon: This one’s more than a mouthful, loaded with zesty flavor and fried onion rings, all for $7.50 at Double Eagle.

The Locavore: All things local, and none too highbrow for a bun: Paradox Farm’s goat cheese and Hilltop Angus beef, ground in-house. The Sly Fox.$14.50

Mexiburger: With a spicy chorizo sausage and beef mix, this half-pound patty delivers south-of-the-border flavor in every bite. Maxie’s$11. Sombrero not included.

Burger of the Week: Do you hunger for mushrooms and brie atop an almond-studded ground beef patty, or a beef and bison blend with mozzarella and mango salsa? Find all the above at JC’s Place, for $9.75

Breakfast Burger: Drum and Quill presents a burger topped with bacon, egg and cheese, all nestled in a toasted English muffin. It’s last on our list, but definitely the one you should eat first — unless you have a heart problem.$13.50

:: We know, we know, we didn’t list your favorite. Hit reply and share your beef. 

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