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Events by Town

Pinehurst: Sip and Stroll Through a Weeklong U.S. Open Party in Tufts Park
Southern Pines: Shops Open Late During U.S. Open, “Funk the Open” Party Planned

Behind the Scenes

What’s the U.S. Open Traffic Situation?
Restaurant Owners: We’re Ready for U.S. Open Crowds
Suite Profits? Local Landlords Talk U.S. Open

Health and Wellness

Find Your Oasis at Pinehurst Resort
Health, Wellness + Recovery: US Open Guide

Souvenirs, Fashion and Party Supplies

What Your Golf Hat Says About You
R. Riveter x USGA Collab Bags Going Par
USGA Merch Tent Raises the Bar(code)
Course Materials: U.S. Open Party Supplies
More Than Tees: Country Club Adjacent Fashion
Unique Souvenirs to Get During The U.S. Open
The Trends, to a Tee: Here’s A Golf Fashion Course
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