We Earned the Burn at HOTWORX Southern Pines

We tried our hand at being healthy with a 40-minute full-body isometrics class inside one of the infrared saunas at HOTWORX Southern Pines, and we’d be down to go back again …  if our urge to work out ever returns.

One resistance band; 45 minutes; 125 degrees — that’s what it took to turn these slightly out of shape, sarcastic tomatoes into ketchup. But like, in a good way.

How it Worx

Each HOTWORX class is virtual, and you’re in the sauna by yourself. The sauna is kind of like a mini infrared log cabin with a thermostat that’s adjustable. We started out at 125 degrees — the recommended level for newbs, but pros can go all the way up to 135.

Despite the fact that the instructor was on a screen, she was still pretty motivating. Like, if we didn’t go down for a full squat, it truly seemed like she was going to pop out of the TV and tell us we weren’t “earning the burn” — a phrase used throughout the workout.

We chose a total body session with a resistance band.The class started with upper body, moved on to lower body and then concluded with stretching after a brief core workout. Each movement was held in isolation for eight seconds. Considering our muscles started shaking vibrating during the first round of reps, we’re shocked we were able to wobble to the car post-class.

Additional Information

Isometrics is just one of many workouts offered at HOTWORX Southern Pines There are some cardio options, too, which only last about 15 minutes due to the intensity of the workout and the heat. The schedule stays the same every day as far as time is concerned, but the content in each of the classes are different. For instance, you could plan to do a HIIT class every day at 2:00 p.m., but the movements would vary daily.

The gym and saunas are open 24 hours to members, so if you’re interested in a midnight sweat sesh, you can earn the burn at any hour. There’s also an app for HOTWORX members that tracks your calories, heart rate and more for each class.

For more information on HOTWORX Southern Pines, check out their website, or follow them on Insta.

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