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You may have seen stories about residents in neighborhoods across the country placing stuffed animals in their windows or in their front lawns. Inspired by a 1980s picture book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” the activity has popped up as a way to battle boredom and grow community during quarantine.

Brenda and Ron Burt have set up a “Bear Party” at their house in West End (behind the old Stanley Furniture plant). They have invited the community to come add animals and balloons, etc, to brighten children’s day.

A resident of Seven Lakes sent us the following photos she’s taken or seen posted around her neighborhood. Several homeowners have gotten creative.

This cat has a few new friends invading his perch on this “table.” We thought these were only cool in college dorms, but we’re getting ours out of storage right now.

We think the bear above is wearing a purple tiara, which is the exact thing we’ve chosen to put over our messy, unwashed bun for our zoom meeting tomorrow.

Go head, putter bear. We know clubs make a great weapon. That’s why we keep ours in a pile by the front door — for home defense.

Like this bear, we’re barely hangin’ on.

And these two clearly know what it’s like to be on house arrest. Wave to them if you see them – it’s all they’re living for.

Want to see us make up more dumb captions? Send photos of bears spied on your own hunt to hello@itsthesway.com

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