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Pajamas are now acceptable anytime, anywhere, and spending your weekend binging a TV show is the new “going out.” Since what to wear and what to do has a whole new meaning, we’ve given you recommendations for both. Important stuff.

Pairing No. 1: Know Your Stripes

If You’re Watching Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

If you enjoy this Netflix gem, we know you enjoy taking a walk on the wild side — one that may or may not involve giant “pets,” multiple husbands, missing teeth and maybe some meth.

You Need The Bagheera Sleep Set from Mockingbird on Broad.

Joe Exotic knows the best way to become ONE with the jungle cats is to wear prints like the jungle cats. You, too, can be the Tiger King/Queen of quarantine with these sets. Just don’t attempt a murder; we’ve all heard your very loud complaints about being “locked up” with your family.

Pairing No. 2: Keep Calm & Binge On

If you’re still watching Love Is Blind:

Then we know you’re only here for the antics of Messica, who thinks being emotionally available is a red flag.

You need this wearable PSA from Cotton & Grain.

The Golden Rule reminder tee is necessary when you’re ready to throw a punch at anyone who would stomp on poor, sweet, naive Mark’s heart.

Pairing No. 3: Classic Comfort

If you’ve just uncovered a DVD of You’ve Got Mail:

Oh, lookie what you’ve found at the bottom of your closet. A movie from 1998. Right now, you can think of nothing more comforting than knowing exactly what’s going to happen next.

Doze off in these beauts from Knickers:

This set is comfortable, traditional and has a feel-good and cutesy vibe that matches the set of your favorite rom-com bookshop. It also pairs well with rosé.

Pairing No. 4: A Welcome Twist

If You’re Watching Little Fires Everywhere:

courtesy of HULU via Bustle

Then, sis, we know you like drama. And a good twist.

You Need This Jogger Set from Kataphora.

After watching all four released episodes in one sitting, you’re going to need to take a walk around the block to process what TF just happened. Lucky for you, these jogger sets are acceptable for neighborhood walks and binge sessions.

Pairing No. 5: Something Sunny

If you’re watching Beverly Hills 90210 :

The OG 90210 — not the lackluster remake that surfaced a few years ago — then we know you love bright California vibes.

You Need a Dose of Wearable Sunshine from Pink of the Pines.

90210 is on Hulu, and bright, sunny, Beverly Hills-esque Lilly P(Js) are available online from Pink of the Pines.

ICYMI: We’ve put together a list of local retailers that are offering curbside pickup and delivery. Now’s the time to impulse buy these comfy PJs and anything else your little heart desires. Quarantine, but make it fashuuuun.

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