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The temperature has dropped five degrees, pumpkin spice is being defused from the vents in your office’s break room, and the term “lazy Sunday” has lost all meaning. Why, you ask? It’s football season, boys and girls.

In case you ditched your cable package, we’ve compiled a list of local places where you can watch a game on a Sunday, drink a beer and embrace the season of wings and buffalo chicken dip. You’re welcome.

The Bell Tree Tavern

You’ve probably embarrassed yourself here more than once during Thursday night karaoke. Don’t worry, The Bell Tree doesn’t remember. Big patio? Check. Giant projector screen and 500 TVs? Check. Beers? Check. Quesadillas? Checkkkk mate.

Maxie’s Bar and Grill

You can find hella high-top tables, screens on screens and bomb chicken nachos. Oh, and it’s close to Pinehurst No. 2, so chances are you’ll find some pretty golfer boys … or retirees.

Dave’s Place in Aberdeen

It’s the place where everyone knows your name — and knows you make killer blackberry cobbler, and hounds you for your recipe at the bar. Unlike Dorian, there’s no putting on a front here.

Hickory Tavern

Ah, the place with so many screens that you’ll need your blue-light-filtering glasses to survive. As long as you’re cool with running into 25 people you went to high school with, it’s a pretty good place to watch a game. If you didn’t grow up here, you’re golden.

Broad Street Bar and Grill

Your reclusive neighbor might hide out here on a Tuesday afternoon with a Bud Diesel, but you can hide out here with a one of their burgers on a Sunday afternoon and watch dudes run into each other. Not a football fan? Have no fear — Broad Street Bar and Grill also occasionally hosts Extreme Midget Wrestling.

Bruce’s Tavern

To see the full bar, you’ll just have to pay a visit. Peep the “entertainment” machines.

We love a good bar to visit during broad daylight. Bruce’s has been in business for 50 years, and we’re convinced it will survive the apocalypse.

Us: Hi there, we work for The Sway and we’re working on an article on where our readers can watch football on Sundays.”
Bartender: “Well yeah. We do that in here.”

If the zombies arise, you’ll know where to find us.

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