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So, you’ve decided to buy a new home and suddenly you mother, sister, cousins, coworkers and basically everyone else you know is an expert on mortgage loans? Sure, these people have some great advice, but there’s nothing like the real deal. Main Street Home Loans mortgage lender Susan Wiesner says that hiring a local mortgage lender can spare you from experiencing some major headaches in the future.

You’ve found a mortgage lender — now what?

Before a homebuyer starts looking for a home, they should meet with a local mortgage expert to determine their individual needs and qualifications. The mortgage lender will ask the buyer a series of questions about their home goals. Once they have that information, they’ll determine a course of action.

Susan says that the most important part of a loan officer’s job is to listen, communicate and educate.  The application can be done online, in person or even from the convince of a mobile application.  

The loan officer will analyze the home buyers’ financial profile as well as their financial goals. Together, they’ll make informed decisions about their mortgage.

Did you know?

Susan says loan officers love to save you money. For example:

  • Did you know that some non-rural areas are eligible for a 0% down payment USDA loan?
  • Or, that through the North Carolina Housing and Finance Agency even non first-time homebuyers can receive down payment assistance?
  • In our community VA loans are very popular and as a thank you to our veteran’s, as a local lender Main Street Home Loans offer $0 application and origination fees.
  •   In some cases, short term financing programs are even available if a home buyer doesn’t immediately qualify for a loan but needs some credit repair or to sell their current residence.   

Susan and her team at Main Street Mortgage Loans encourage home buyers to reach out with any questions. They are available seven days a week by phone, email, text or appointment.

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