Your Guide to Living Life Like a Gilmore Girl in Southern Pines

If we had a dollar for every time out-of-town visitors told us “this is just like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls!” after walking around downtown Southern Pines, we’d be able to add chips and a drink to our order every time we go out to lunch.

So, in the spirit of taking advantage of this quaint AF town of ours, we’ve crafted a handy dandy guide to living life like a fast-talking main character in a small town — minus some of the caffeine.

First, coffee.

We think that Lorelai and Rory’s tendency to only frequent Luke’s isn’t exactly realistic, so we’ll write our own version and say that if the Gilmores lived in Southern Pines, they’d be steady patrons of Swank.

People watch at the Southern Pines Train Station AKA the SP Version of the Stars Hollow town square

Maybe there’s no picturesque gazebo, but there are a few benches and it’s right in the middle of downtown. Sip your 18th cup of coffee and try to hit your words-per-minute personal record.

Eat lunch at the Ice Cream Parlor

AKA the Southern Pines Luke’s. If you’re thinking about eating a salad, think again — go for the cheeseburger and ask for extra fries. Just remember to actually pay your bill.

Grab a copy of (insert classic book title here) at the Country Bookshop

You can read it in the park while you decide whether you want to pursue the steady and dependable guy who works at the local market, or the handsome and mysterious nephew of the diner owner.

See any old school movie at The Sunrise Theater

And pretend you’re at the Black & White & Read Bookstore and Movie Theater. Bonus points if it’s “Pippy Longstocking.”

Drink more coffee at Swank

At this point, you may want to break character and throw in some water.

Grab dinner at Lu- we mean, the Ice Cream Parlor

Yes, this means another burger. The calories don’t count when you’re a Gilmore.

Listen to Live Music at The Jefferson

We don’t have a town troubadour to be the soundtrack to our day, but we do have a bar and an open mic.

Literally, just stroll around town.

Grab another coffee, put on an early 2000’s-style ‘fit and talk to anyone who will listen about your crush on the diner owner or complain about Friday night dinner at your parents’ house.

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