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Meet Dr. Ann Marie Richards, the most stylish doc we know.

The bad news? It’s officially cold and flu season. The good news? FirstHealth Family Medicine is here to help. Find it right by the World’s Biggest Harris Teeter in Pinehurst.

Dr. Ann Marie Richards provides a home base for the entire family, from newborns to new members of AARP — and if health issues get complex, she’ll help you navigate FirstHealth’s network of specialists.

But, as a busy mom herself, she knows you’d rather not see her. So here’s how to make that long-distance relationship work:

:: Eat five daily servings of fruits and veggies. Pro tip: Red bell peppers and kiwis provide more Vitamin C than oranges.
::  Take a 30-min walk on your lunch break. It will cut your risk for catching the cold in half.
::  Become immune to your office’s Patient Zero. Get a flu shot.
::  When the day is done, put your phone down and get some sleep.

Flu still manage to take over your house? Soon you can take the fam to the Convenient Care location, conveniently opening right next door later this fall.

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