You already know you’re gifting the handy person in your life new tools, stuff for their grilling habits or maybe even a new chainsaw to get to work in the yard. While you’re doing your shopping at Burney Hardware. pick up a few unexpected stocking stuffers and unique finds for people you had no idea what to get.


A Giftable Jar

Give the gift of holiday memories with this cute jar, that contains a cookie recipe. Since you’re giving them quality time with people they love, they should totally return the jar to you — full of treats.


A Freezable Lunch Bag

If you know a coworker or cousin who brown bags it every day, make  every one of their days better with a lunchbox that they can stick in the freezer until it’s time to feast.


Festive Cookware

Stuff stockings with a spoon or spatula that has good tidings printed right on it.


Spiritual Candles

The ones you aren’t presenting with gag gifts or booze will enjoy setting up these sweet candles as a complement to their nativity scene.


Wooden Nativity Scene

This kid’s set is a great way to introduce Christmas decorating (and re-decorating) into your little one’s routine.


A Gift That Will Puzzle Them

Intricate 1,000-piece puzzles are the perfect way to challenge someone — and also keep them occupied and out of trouble for hours.

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