If you’ve been sleeping on a little place called Southern Chopstix, don’t feel bad. So have we. The Asian restaurant has opened in Benji’s old location, which vacated in favor of a place near the bowling alley in Aberdeen.

We tried the traditional Pho (left), with sliced beef and meatballs. It’s served with rice noodles, lime, beansprouts, hoisin sauce and a sweet and spicy chili sauce. On the right is Larb, a Laotian dish made with grilled sliced chicken, in a spicy salad. Our Pho was, sadly, a tad bland. The Larb may sound boring, but the combination of spices was anything but.

Below is coconut rice with mango, left, and green tea ice cream, right. The mix of warm rice, cool mango and creamy coconut made a dish just sweet enough to be a dessert. The green tea ice cream was, well, green tea ice cream. The bill came to $28.

Everything tasted fresh and made to order, which is great, but be warned: It is not a spot for a quick meal. It is open from 11-4, and again from 5-9, Monday through Saturday.


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