Remember the race for the end-of-the-year teacher gifts?  Perfecting the perfect Pinterest thing, finding a “best teacher” knick-knack, or just completely forgetting?  Allow me to make a suggestion: Start the year by gifting. After all, this truly is the time when we are most grateful to send our kids to class. Get the year started off right by showing your appreciation for the teachers who will be stepping up to save your sanity.

Here’s a list of some fun suggestions, suggested by teachers I know, based on the type of kid you are gifting them this year.

For the “A+” kid:  A gift card to Staples, Amazon, Target, or Walmart. Teachers spend much of their too-tiny paychecks on supplies this time of the year.  They want to make sure their classrooms look inviting and are fully stocked. Sending them a gift card to somewhere like this helps them get these things, or allows them to buy groceries they didn’t buy because they make their work a priority. 

The creative kid:  Gift a set of felt tip markers, sharpies, real Post-it Notes (maybe even the cute ones), or splurge on a monogrammed tote!  You can support a local mom or friend by ordering something from 31 or go visit Eloise in downtown Aberdeen.

The “this year could go either way” kid: Coffee gift cards!  Depending on where school drop off is, popular caffeinating spots for teachers include Pony Espresso, SWANK, Java Bean Plantation or High Octane.  There is also Starbucks, where you can even have a e-gift card emailed right to your teacher’s inbox. Talk about starting off the year with the right email!

The “we are going to be interacting a lot this year” kid:  Wine. Liquor. Restaurant gift cards. Massages. Pedicures. Anything that encourages a mental break. And if you’re expecting a real doozy of a conference, here’s a pro alcoholic tip: Plastic glasses don’t break when you throw them.

Here’s to August 27.

Melissa Kohlman is a local mom and member of The Sway community.

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