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A Craft More Fun than it Seams

If you’re looking for your crew to stab things and get away with it, the Sandhills Stitch Club may be right for you. Whether you’re already good with your hands (we mean needlework, jeez) or drop your needles more often than a pine tree, there’s a spot for you. 

Every Thursday at 10 a.m. the group meets at Moore Than Needlepoint for a casual co-working sesh. Just drop in with your own supplies and work on anything from needlepoint to knitting to cross stitch. 

Like fashion, says Lisa Grissom, “crafts come back in phases. Cross stitching is really making a comeback.”

The club is meant to be helpful as well as social, with women collaborating and guiding each other through different projects while socializing. There are no fees or expectations. Just show up and sew out. “We love to share stories,” says Roberta Tozier.

“Many of us learned to cross stitch as children,” says Barbra Barrott, “but many of us are still mastering needlepoint.” Needlepoint patterns and thread come in different sizes because yes, size matters. 18 count is typically the most detailed because it has the smallest holes but you can also buy 12 count, ideal for children. 

Moore Than Needlepoint has attracted a stitch group from all over. 

“There are so many transplants in this area,” says Lisa. “We want people to know about us, because it can be hard to make friends in an area always getting new people.” 

Debbie Wick

An advantage of cross stitch and needlepoint is how easy it is to travel with. You don’t need a ton of supplies. “It can be almost meditative,” says Debbie Wick. 

Carol Tilton

Carol Tilton, who runs the shop along with Elizabeth Tommey, is always ready to show newcomers all that her shop has to offer. You can also sign up for classes, or buy stitch kits complete with a pattern and supplies. Moore Than Needlepoint is also a finishing shop. For example, if you stitch an ornament pattern or a pattern for a pillow, they will turn it into an actual ornament, pillow, etc. for you. 

Many people wander into the shop looking for someone to help with projects. Once, someone asked who Carol could refer them to for embroidery in a wedding gown, and Carol brought it to one of the women in the club. 

Another time, Debbie stitched a name into a baptismal gown that was in the family for decades. Each baby that was baptized in the gown had their name in cursive stitched into the delicate fabric. “It took hours but it was very special,” says Debbie. 

The store also recently got the rights to be able to cross-stitch the trademarked Pinehurst Putter Boy and Golf Lad. 

So how long does it take to complete a cross stitch or needlepoint project? It depends. “If you’re a monogamous stitcher you’ll finish faster than me,” says Lisa, who often does multiple projects at once. 

The group enjoys their daily dose of humor, something we aren’t sure is better or worse to partake in while holding needles. Nevertheless, the club is eager to grow and share what they know.

Join the club’s Facebook page and find Moore Than Needlepoint at: 850 Linden Rd, Pinehurst

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