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Trust us, the rolling greens of Pinehurst won’t be the only scenery you can take in at this year’s U.S. Amateur Open. Here’s a few of the um … views that you can enjoy at the tournament in August.

1. Cameron Young: Wake Forest University

This man won an Honorable Mention All-American during his junior year at Wake Forest University and was the first amateur to win the New York State Open. And it’s not like he’s, you know, unfortunate looking.

2. Devon Bling: UCLA

Devon was a runner up at last year’s U.S. Amateur, which earned him invitations to the 2019 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach and the 2019 Masters. Bling bling, indeed.

3. Chandler Phillips: Texas A&M

Phillips is ranked 10th in the World on the World Amateur Golf Rankings. We can only hope he also rocks a thick accent and knows his way around a tractor. Just a thought. Anyway, God bless Texas.

4. Scott Harvey: Playing member of 2015 USA Walker Cup Team

Not only is he a proud dad, but he’s also the 2014 US Mid Amateur Champion and 2015 South American Amateur Champion. Oh, and he’s from Greensboro, so you know we had to include him on this watchlist for the U.S. Amateur.

5. Matt Parziale: Firefighter from Connecticut

The man saves lives and one time he had to decline an offer to play golf with Tom Brady. Why, you ask? Because he had promised to be a part of the USGA’s inaugural ceremony of champions, and he understands commitment. He also won the 2017 Mid-Amateur.

6. Chandler Eaton: Duke University

Eaton earned a spot in the 2019 U.S. Open, thanks to his top-four finish at the U.S Open Sectional Qualifier. And as a North Carolina boy, he’s also earned a spot on our watchlist for the U.S. Amateur.

Added Bonus — Brett Boner: Runner-up in the 2018 U.S. Mid-Amateur

Sorry, we had to do it. And we also wonder if he somehow uses the last name to his advantage. Boner is also the winner of the 2018 Anderson Memorial Championship and the 59th Charlotte City Amateur Golf Championship, but if you ask us, that name means he was born a winner.

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