In the Market? This Duo at Rhodes & Co. Knows How to Navigate it.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Pat Phillips and Joanne Crum could list your house in their sleep — but they would never do that, because they’d miss the experience of [...]

It Happened to Me: I Was Pickpocketed in 2019

Yep — I was pickpocketed at a Raleigh bar. No, I didn’t feel a thing. Yes, this is sounds like an old-timey crime but is most definitely a thing that happens in 2019. This is a PSA. [...]

Questionable Teen Novels We Found at the Southern Pines Library

My parents, like many of their peers in the 1990s, believed that summer camp was a thing for rich kids without imagination. So, almost every day, I would convince my grandma to leave a re-run of [...]

What’s Left to Fill Your Kid’s Summer Calendar

Yes, it’s already almost August — but there is an entire month left before the majority of local kids go back to school. Take a deep breath and get out your wallet. Here are your options as [...]

Feast Your Eyes on the New 195

Following the departure of its longtime chef, 195 American Fusion has made a lot of changes, and it’s not just the walls — although those are new, too. Just look. The restaurant [...]

C.Cups is Adding a Second Location 🙌

If, like us, you perpetually claim to be avoiding carbs, you’ll have mixed feelings about C. Cups adding a new space for its particular brand of demons. No matter how you feel, the Village [...]

Why That U.S. Am Autograph Might Be Worth a Mint

The U.S. Amateur comes to Pinehurst August 12-18, which means you’re about have the chance to see a bunch of talented golfers before they make it to the big leagues, AKA the U.S. Open. [...]

A Guide to Enjoying the Scenery at the U.S. Amateur

Trust us, the rolling greens of Pinehurst won’t be the only scenery you can take in at this year’s U.S. Amateur Open. Here’s a few of the um … views that you can enjoy at [...]

Here’s Who’s Moving into Double Eagle’s Space

In a surprise move this week, one of our top spots to eat until we hate ourselves, the Double Eagle in Aberdeen, announced they would be closing until they found a new space.  Open in [...]

Where to Holla for Your Dolla at the SPBA’s Sidewalk Sale

What happens when Amazon Prime Day and the Southern Pines Business Association’s Sidewalk Sale fall in the same week? The kids get a three-gallon-sized bag of Great Value fruit-o’s [...]

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