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With more than 30 years of combined experience, Pat Phillips and Joanne Crum could list your house in their sleep — but they would never do that, because they’d miss the experience of getting to know you.

Both self-proclaimed people lovers, Pat and Joanne love showing new people around the area that they both call home. Their special talent? They can decide what town you should live in when they meet you — a kind of sorcery that rivals the sorting hat from Harry Potter. And they might be laid-back and friendly, but their track record at Rhodes & Co. proves they know how to get things done.

:: Here’s what reviewers say:

Joanne is a true professional and personable person who was available ANYTIME I needed her! I would sell through her and buy through her, she gets the job done!

Doing any transaction from a distance is tough. Pat was great to work with, tried to “get into our heads” and gave us several ideas for lots, areas, etc. When we went back to Pinehurst it was only for a couple of days and Pat had us lined up with a designer/builder, looked at several lots and we ended up putting an offer on a lot. After a lot of work by Pat, we got the deal done.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell, visit Pat and Joanne at Rhodes & Co., on Broad Street in Southern Pines.

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