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TBH, we didn’t know how creative we were until we were stuck at home all day. We asked our SwayBaes what they were doing to help keep their morale up. Here’s what we’ve received so far:

This SwayBae Baked a Cake:

“I didn’t have milk so I substituted with a mix of water and butter, which made a cake so dense that I can pick up a slice and eat it with my hands. That probably means it’s all kinds of wrong, but I consider it a win.”

This SwayBae Made a Clown:

“My kids love for me to paint their faces. I normally do an OK job, but Pokémon is not my forte. My recently obsessed 5-year-old insisted I paint his face like Squirtle, despite all my objections. ‘I believe in you, Mommy!’ #coronafail”

This SwayBae Started New Lessons:

“I set my kid up with typing lessons. Seeing her wpm go up every day is giving her a goal to work toward. It’s not something they’ve started teaching her in school yet, so she feels super proud to be ‘getting ahead.'” (P.S., we’re using freetypinggame.net)

This SwayBae Got a Start on Her Tan:

“We’re calling it our Coronacation.”

This SwayBae Got Her Bob Ross On:

“I read almost an entire book today, and broke out my new paints.”

This SwayBae Made an Outdoor Gym:

“I was a competitive gymnast myself growing up and my college job was coaching classes at the local gym. My kids were ecstatic to get to have mom be coach! It’s just a fun activity that we can do together and gets us outdoors and away from the electronics — who knows, maybe once the gym opens back up we’ll continue with one night per week at home with ‘coach mom.’

And These SwayBaes Decorated for Any Old Holiday.

“One of my neighbors suggested that we all decorate the outside of our homes for any holiday we like!  This neighbor loves Valentine’s Day, so her lampposts are now holding big, red hearts.  I chose Easter, so bunnies and chicks adorn my lamppost. I predict that soon, Midland Country Club will have happier folks who will be walking the neighborhood streets and enjoying the holidays from a safe distance, while trying to keep their minds off of the crisis at hand! “

This SwayBae is Hella Talented …

“Making cookies for my doctor’s appointment tomorrow.”

And These SwayBaes Are Staying Busy.

“Art lessons and baking keep us sane!”

What are you doing to stay sane? Send your strategies to hello@itsthesway.com.

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