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The Moore Humane Society recently rescued 10 beagles as part of a nationwide effort to save 4,000 adult dogs and puppies from a breeding facility in Virginia — all of whom were bound for animal testing. 

Moore Humane Society President Corrine “Corky” Kern and shelter manager Wallys Fathi (pictured) arrived at the facility on Thursday to find a gate guarded by a U.S. Marshal, where they were required to vacate their van. As they signed waivers stating they wouldn’t take photos, their van was driven into the facility, loaded up and brought back to them with the dogs — all bearing identifying tattoos from the breeding facility on their ears.

As part of the Humane Society of the United States’ emergency placement program, the Moore Humane Society has participated in several similar rescues.

“What’s amazing is that these dogs are so loving. I was afraid they would have socialization issues,” says Kern. “Luckily the puppies we got don’t seem to be in bad condition so far, but the way they were treated in that facility was horrific.” 

Three adult dogs are currently at Solutions for Animals in Raeford, but an adult dog and six puppies, all female, will soon be up for adoption. For more info on those dogs or to donate/volunteer, call 910-947-2631 or visit MooreHumane.org.

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