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Nope, you’re not looking at a medieval torture room. Well, it depends on how you define exercise. Club Pilates coming to Pinehurst. The studio will look very similar to the photo above. 

What does pilates do? It aims to lengthen the spine. The idea is to move it in all planes of motion which helps exercise all of the muscles and avoid future injury. It also improves posture and strengthens your core.

Club Pilates classes are all reformer based. A reformer is a machine that uses cables to help you exercise. You can lower and lift your legs, put your arms in the straps and do a range of exercises. You can even do squats laying down.

“It’s exciting that we’re bringing this to such a huge golf community, it’s good for golfers and the health of their spines,” says franchise partner and general manager, Katie Pelnik. Katie fell in love with pilates and quickly realized it wasn’t just for young people. It’s for everyone, even seniors. “I kept hearing awesome stories of people avoiding surgeries by doing pilates and it was really inspiring to me,” she says.

Katie Pelnik

There will be 3 membership options: Unlimited membership, 8pk or 4pk classes. There will also be drop-in options.

Construction is currently underway near Hickory Tavern but it won’t be complete until closer to 2023. Until then, peruse the website.

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