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We took a joyride with the Sandhills Trolley Company, a new mobile entertainment venture in Moore County, on its inaugural Brews Cruise — a brewery tour in Southern Pines.

You can rent the whole trolley as a group for the evening, or sign up with strangers and use it as a great way to make new friends. It’s like a bar crawl, but with activities and a chauffeur in between. 

The guides, who will tell you their preferred name upon boarding, were high energy and let no joke go untold. You could see this as a good or a bad thing depending on your personality, but with all of the games planned for the evening, even the most shy people could get out of their shells. 

We had 30 minutes at each stop — the perfect amount of time to grab a beer, mingle lightly and have the perfect excuse to dip out and leave a bit of mystery as you hop back on the trolley. 

The trolley comes equipped with cup holders, a screen for trivia (get your Kahoot! app ready), air conditioning, a puke bucket (just in case), music and working windows so you can have that open air experience. 

The windows also serve to let every passerby know you’re having more fun than them. We were basically woo girls for the night. We hung out of the windows yelling “WOOO!” every time we rode by any sign of life. If you have photos, feel free to share them. 

The tour itself is a couple of hours, so plan ahead because drinking will be encouraged on the Brews Cruise. I won’t spoil too many of the details but I will say I’m excited to see future events — like the ghost tour, the history tour or the karaoke tour — from Sandhills Trolley Company. 

To stay up to date, visit the trolley company’s website.

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