In Swaymous

Earlier this month, a local family went semi-viral in our favorite Facebook group for thinking … a little out of the box for their grandma’s birthday gift.

“My granny’s personality is big,” says Harley Duncan. “She’s always saying things like ‘shake your booty!'” Harley’s post attracted a few offers from men willing to shake it — but ultimately, no *professional* strippers were found.

However, Irene Duncan, a lifelong resident of West End, did get a surprise visit from two members of the Eastwood Fire Department. Nary a suspender was shimmied, but Erin Blue and Asa Bailey III delivered a card and flowers straight to Irene’s front step, making her day. “We have been out to help Ms. Irene a few times when she’s needed it. We were more than happy to ride by and make her day special,” says Erin.

“We were very thankful to know people in our community care,” says Harley. We’re taking notes for our next birthday party.

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