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If your desire to be organized is giving you serious feels, then you need this list from professional organizer Nicole Falsone-Swofford, of Complete Design Group. Read on to see six quick tips for getting organized — and the products to get you there.

1. Raise the Roof, or Just the Bed!

Bed risers, $4.40 at Big Lots; under-bed storage box, $16.99 at Target

Raising your bed height opens up another 8-10 inches of storage. This is the perfect place to hide seasonal wardrobe items and things that you don’t reach for often. Clear rolling under-the-bed boxes allow you see what’s inside!

2. Organize Your Drawers

Set of four foldable storage boxes, $13.99 at Walmart

Yes, this sounds overwhelming, but when every single item has a “place” you will smile all the way down to your underwear drawer. These little collapsible gems are ah-mazing. Just imagine all your T-shirts and jeans folded for easy viewing. You will make your drawers look like they fell out of organizational heaven (that’s a real place by the way, and we can help you get there)!

3. Contain Those Toys

Bin storage unit, $125, Overstock.com; storage ottoman, $136, Christopher Knight Home

A play room is for PLAY, so remember this is not a place that OCD can take over! These bins really help round up the chaos. I love transitional pieces that don’t scream “KID” and allow the space to look put together. If your living room doubles as a play space, an ottoman will be your new BFF! They are a great go-to for easy cleaning and extra seating.

4. Mind Your Forks and Spoons

Expandable bamboo utensil tray, $29.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Your kitchen drawers are going to get the smack down when you bring these drawer bosses home! Unless you are planning on launching your own cooking show, you will love how organized you feel when you slim the cooking utensils drawer down to simple must-have items only. Allow this insert to determine what says and what goes!

5. Keep Brushes at Bay

Find these literally anywhere, for less than $2.

Unless you’re a MAC store, nobody needs to see your war paint on display. Commonly used in the kitchen, these containers allow you to arrange your make-up in categories. Plastic allows for easy clean up in your dishwasher. Tip: line the drawer with parchment paper or drawer liners before placing them in position. 

6. Find Pantry Zen

Pantry door rack, $184 at the Container Store

Cans and kids’ snacks seem to take over any pantry, until it’s hard to see what you have and what you need. If you create a defined space for canned goods, pasta and dry goods you will not only help keep your snacks organized but also able to see what you are low on when making your shopping list. The dollar store is a perfect place to find small clear organization bins to label. Start with the basics: pasta, rice, tomatoes, kids’ snacks, and soup. 

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