A Look at the Page Mansion, One Year Later

North Carolina natives Abby and Trey Brothers are now a little over a year in renovating the Page Mansion in Aberdeen, a massive brick manor that for years has been hidden behind an [...]

Past Owner Keeps Watchful Eye on The Country Bookshop

Joan Scott, the former owner of The Country Bookshop, passed away in 2005 — but current employees say she still likes to hang around and make sure her standards are being upheld. According to [...]

An Analysis of Walmart’s Finest Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, we braved the cluster of distressed mothers in Walmart to see what wasn’t on trend this year. What did we learn? Big-box stores will always over-order skeleton t-shirts, and [...]

Here’s the Deal With the Skeleton Jeep in Southern Pines

If you’ve driven through Southern Pines in the past month, you’ve probably seen the skeleton Jeep parked in the old Bo’s Food Store lot. Maybe you’ve almost caused an [...]

The Restful Rooster: A B&B That Feels Like Home

When Tracy Dowd moved to the area three years ago, she decided to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams and open up her new home as The Restful Rooster — a bed and breakfast. Located on U.S. Highway [...]

Piece By Piece: The Restoration of a 1910 Dutch Colonial

When Ashely and David Johnson purchased their 1910 dutch colonial in downtown Southern Pines in 2017, they embarked on a mission to restore the home to its former glory. For the past two years, [...]

A Professional Organizer’s Top 6 Tips for Getting Your Act Together

If your desire to be organized is giving you serious feels, then you need this list from professional organizer Nicole Falsone-Swofford, of Complete Design Group. Read on to see six quick tips [...]

Welding Wood: Meet the Guys Making Furniture Cool Again

Almost two years ago, Jake Kerr loaded his U-Haul with his tools, a few duffel bags full of clothes, and about $2,000 in steel and wood, and hit the road back to Southern Pines. He was just out [...]

Lauren Yates Founds Tutoring Service to Help Military Kids Transition

The symbol of the military child, dandelions bloom everywhere —and Dandelions Education Consulting and Tutoring helps military children do just that. A Military wife and mother, Lauren Yates [...]

A Doctor’s Take on Navigating Cold and Flu Season

We’ve officially reached the time of year where the office staff is growing thin — and those who are still here, we wish would just go home already. You know, be sick somewhere else. We [...]

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