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When Tracy Dowd moved to the area three years ago, she decided to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams and open up her new home as The Restful Rooster — a bed and breakfast.

Located on U.S. Highway 73 in West End, The Restful Rooster Bed and Breakfast has been open for business for a little more than a year. Tracy has dedicated the majority of her home’s upstairs to guests, offering two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms and plenty of entertainment. In the backyard, you’ll find some cute puppers, a few chickens, a gazebo and a giant porch.

Think of Tracy and her husband as your ultimate hosts. They’ll make you home-cooked meals and listen to your life story. They’ll also leave you alone, you know, if you’re not into the whole socializing thing.

Tracy decided to get into the bed and breakfast business due to her lifelong love of entertaining, though getting the home approved as a certified B&B was no easy feat.

She finally got the Restful Rooster up in running in May of 2018 after eight months of waiting on permits, getting approved by the zoning commission and attending meetings. Tracy and her husband’s latest project, a two-bedroom apartment barn on their property, will be available to rent in the near future.

Tracy asked her Facebook friends to help her come up with a name for her new business that paid homage to her former rooster named Jack, who had an, uh, unfortunate and fatal accident while Tracy and her husband were on vacation. They eventually settled on The Restful Rooster.

Tracy’s son picked up a couple of chicks and a new rooster named Jackson to roam The Restful Rooster’s yard — another homage to poor ole Jack. Jackson grew up a bit and they soon realized that Jackson was more of a Jackie — as in a Kennedy, not a Chan.

Yup, Jackson (left) is, in fact, a hen. Here she is with her two pesky brothers, Tom and Jerry.
Peep Tom or Jerry. TBH, we’re not sure which is which.

Anyway, you can find The Restful Rooster on AirBnB for $89 per night. The apartment barn that they’re calling “Horse Hotel” will be available to rent in the coming weeks. Have more questions? Feel free to contact Tracy with any questions at twpd12@gmail.com.

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