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As new families move into the area, they’re looking to match with their perfect home. After a tough “it’s not you, it’s me” talk, you might be ready to part ways with your humble abode and make strides toward finding something new. With a few minor cosmetic improvements, you can give your home the confidence it needs to get back on the market. These tips from Rhodes & Co. realtor Joanne Crum can make your home worthy of a swipe to the right when time is of the essence.

Having a pre-listing inspection done.

According to Joanne, this can be beneficial in multiple ways. It can make buyers feel more secure in what they are buying. It can identify potentially big problems that can be corrected before they become dealbreakers for buyers down the road. Also, this is a really smart move if the owners have not lived in the home for awhile and it has been used as a rental.

Boost your curb appeal.

Sure, what’s on the inside matters, but it doesn’t necessarily matter the most. Cleaning up your yard, pressure washing and cleaning out your gutters can make a huge difference. If you get the exterior looking fresh and clean, you’ll be motivated to do the same indoors.

Paint your walls neutral colors.

Just because little Kasadee wanted a lime green room two years ago doesn’t mean a potential buyer feels the same. A coat or two of neutral paint on the walls is a simple cosmetic improvement that goes a long way.

Declutter and make your home shine.

Break out the big black trash bags and go to work in that spare bedroom. Eliminating clutter in your home makes everything seem clean and open. Yes, this means the monkey lamp needs to go.

Contact Joanne Crum for more home tips, or let her be your home’s wingwoman as it enters its new chapter.

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