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Roxcee Smith, owner of Sweet Chemistry, swore she’d never get into baking professionally. A MoCo native, both her father and grandfather were both chefs. Roxcee did everything she could to avoid the industry, but scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll be glad she changed her mind.

Roxcee runs Sweet Chemistry out of her kitchen right now, taking orders for desserts across the board. From Reese’s cheesecakes and cookies and poundcake to macarons — she can make just about anything you throw at her.

A longtime baker, Roxcee accepted her cream-filled fate when she enrolled in Sandhills Community College’s Pastry Arts program.

“I really tried to stay away from it,” Roxcee says. “But, baking makes me happy. Sweets make people happy. Even if it’s just for a moment — they make people happy.”

She’s been running her business since 2015, but re-named and re-branded as Sweet Chemistry in April.

Roxcee currently fills orders out of her own kitchen. Each Thursday, she parks at Pinecrest Plaza from 4 until 6 p.m. to sell her treats or coordinate pickup orders. She says a food truck is in the cards for the near future.

“I hope to have a truck by the end of the year,” Roxcee says. “Fingers crossed.”

In the meantime, you can order all the desserts your heart desires by calling 910-850-0335.

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