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If you were wondering who was behind the temperature scanner at a favorite local restaurant, you might be surprised to know that they were developed right here in Aberdeen by Meridian Kiosks.

From its 13-acre headquarters near downtown Aberdeen, Meridian designs, engineers, fabricates, assembles, deploys and supports a variety of self-service kiosks. Its roster of clients includes Walmart, Mercedes-Benz and Food Lion, among others.

The freestanding thermal scanning device also incorporates additional features, like facial recognition software and alarm technologies. We asked Melissa Harward, Meridian’s marketing coordinator, some questions about the devices.

A screenshot from the product page on Meridiankiosks.com

When did the personnel management kiosk hit the market? 

The Personnel Management Kiosk is the newest addition to Meridian’s line of indoor kiosks. Development for the Personnel Management Kiosk began back in March and it hit the market in early April. 

Was the tech developed by Meridian? 

The initial design was done by one of our partners in response to COVID 19 overseas, we saw this had potential for the North American market and others with some updates and changes that our team were able to implement in the solution we have today. We are continually developing the product along with supporting products that we will be releasing soon.

Was it developed in response to a consumer request, or did Meridian anticipate the need? 

The Personnel Management Kiosk wasn’t developed in response to a specific customer request, rather, it was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic began to intensify, Meridian dedicated an internal team strictly to developing sanitary self-service solutions. 

Other products in development include automated smart lockers and shopping cart sanitizers. | Via meridiankiosks.com

Do you have any other products that have been developed / are being developed in response to the pandemic? 

While our focus has been largely on the Personnel Management Kiosk, we are also offering antimicrobial screen protectors for new or existing kiosks and automated smart lockers for contactless product pickup. Sanitizer vending kiosks and UVC shopping cart sanitizers solutions are in the process of being developed. 

How has it / other products related to public health been received? 

Since introducing the Personnel Management Kiosk to the market, we have received an incredibly positive response for the solution, especially as states move through the various phases of reopening. Businesses and organizations of all kinds, from corporate offices to healthcare facilities and restaurants, have implemented the solution both locally and across the country. 

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