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Whether you’re a foodie, a seafood lover or just looking to come out of your shell, NC Oyster 365 is here to make sure the world is, well, your oyster. Founded through conservation efforts, the company promotes NC oysters and works as oyster brokers to get NC oysters to other states. There’s even an oyster club.

So, what the shuck is an oyster club? NC Oyster 365 travels to various breweries, wine shops and more with oysters ready to try right then and there. Most people are only familiar with New England oysters but North Carolina also boasts several varieties. Owner Doreen Graham says “an oyster is an oyster, but it’s not. Even by region in North Carolina they can taste completely different.” 

Doreen’s company doesn’t really fit in the box for catering category or food trucks, because laws, so she opted to become a club and sell oysters as well as peel-and-eat shrimp at pop-up events. Also, it’s only $2 a year to join. “It’s good fun. We get to meet a wide range of people,” says Doreen.

Pop up event at The Wine Cellar in downtown Southern Pines

The company is based in Durham but you may have seen them in the Sandhills; in Southern Pines, they frequent the Wine Cellar and have made an appearance at Hatchet Brewing Co. And because these oysters are farmed, expect to see them year-round. 

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