A Virtual Guide to DTSP’s 2021 Painted Ponies

If you haven’t noticed, the great protectors of Southern Pines have made their annual appearance. The Painted Ponies popped up around downtown on Friday and will remain in place until March 30 when they’re auctioned off to benefit Carolina Horse Park.


  • Artist: Elizabeth Schilling of “The Magpie Designs”
  • Sponsors: River Jack Outdoor, Southern Whey and Chef Warren’s Bistro
  • Location: Southern Pines Welcome Center (235 NW Broad St.)

Into the Mystic

  • Artist: Sue Byrd
  • Sponsors: Audrey Wiggins, BHGRE Lifestyle Property Partners and Opulence & DUXIANA of Southern Pines
  • Location: 280 NW Broad St.


  • Artist: Tiffany Teeter
  • Sponsor: Everything Pines Real Estate
  • Location: 210 NW Broad St. (in front of The MOD Shop)

Desert Beauty

  • Artist: Linda Nunez
  • Sponsor: WhitLauter Estate Jewelry
  • Location: 229 NE Broad St. (in front of WhitLauter)

The Sun and Her Flowers

  • Artist: Jenay Jarvis
  • Sponsor: Twin Gates Farm
  • Location: 275 NE Broad St. (in front of Eye Candy Gallery)


  • Artist: Meridith Martens
  • The Pilot
  • Location: 145 Pennsylvania Ave (in front of The Pilot)

The Science of Miracles

  • Artists: Rachel Chick Prieto and Andrew Prieto
  • Sponsor: Southern Pines Equine Associates
  • Location: 170 Pennsylvania Ave (Belvedere Plaza)

Rooted in Horses:

  • Artist: Darlene Ivey
  • Sponsors: BB&T now Truist and Cabin Branch Tack Shop
  • Location 220 SW Broad St. (in front of BB&T)

Ponies in the Pines

  • Artist: Darlene Ivey
  • Sponsor: English Riding Supply
  • Location: 130 SW Broad St. (in front of Broad Street Bakery)

Sergeant Reckless

  • Artist: Larissa Lycholaj
  • Sponsor: Mabus Farm & General Contracting
  • Location: 155 NE Broad St. (in front of Casino Guitars)

Home of American Golf

  • Artist: Dan Dreyer
  • Sponsors: Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Location: 144 NW Broad St. (in front of Rhodes & Co. Real Estate)

A Whinny in Time

  • Artist: Erin Wilson
  • Sponsor: Artistic Kitchens & Baths
  • Location: 150 W. New Hampshire Ave. (near The Jefferson Inn)

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