The Workshop Tavern Opens in Downtown Aberdeen

After selling out before the end of their soft opening this past weekend, The Workshop Tavern is taking a few days to re-group and re-stock, opening their doors for good this Wednesday. 

With sandwiches made with fresh-cut meats, mac and cheese bowls, a fully-stocked bar and a laidback vibe, owner Nate Lonnen said he hopes that The Workshop becomes “one of those hometown spots.”

Located beside Sweet Carolina Ice Cream on Main Street, the tavern was formerly a vape shop, a shoe repair shop and, a loooong time ago, a hotel.

The name stems from Nate’s longtime love of woodworking. He’s currently building the back of the bar’s structure using excess wood put up by previous tenants. Nate also says the name is symbolic of the evolution of a new business.

Pictured is the spicy chicken mac and cheese bowl

Nate envisions The Workshop Tavern as a place to unwind and enjoy good food with good company. However, like most things, Nate knows that might evolve.

“Everything is always going to be a work in progress,” Nate says. “We’ll always be refining our craft.”

Fresh meat that’s cut in-house will be used for The Workshop’s sandwiches, which Nate says will be “massive.” A full bar, TVs and fast service complete The Workshop’s laid back vibe.

Nate moved to the area with his girlfriend Melissa from Charlotte. He grew up in a smaller town and hopes that The Workshop will be “one of those spots where people want to go.”

“We’ve very excited and want to get this just right. That’s why we’re taking it slow,” Nate says. “We want to get everything just right and really take our time so we don’t stumble.”

The Workshop Tavern will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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