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When 2020 gave her time to reflect, Janet Kenworthy decided it was time to move on from the Rooster’s Wife — a community music organization she founded 15 years ago that grew into downtown Aberdeen’s Poplar Knight Spot. This spring, new owners took over the venue: longtime music lover Derrick Numbers and his wife, Gosia Kasperska.

The couple has since worked to create a vibe that’s less eclectic and more electric, one that’s reflected in a new name that pays homage to the original: the Neon Rooster.

Inside, a/c has been installed, and the well-loved chairs and couches that once faced the stage have been replaced with sleek metal tables, chairs and stools. A bar and tap system has been installed near the door. A patio has been poured, featuring a heating system and a roll-down enclosure. Future plans include a small play area for kids.

Behold, the Before:

And, the After:

The Before:

And, The After:

The Before:

The After:

Owning a venue has been a lifelong dream for Derrick, a Nashville native who discovered the local music scene when the U.S. Army assigned him to Fort Bragg — now, he heads up videography at Casino Guitars in downtown Southern Pines.

“Where Janet was more focused on bluegrass, we’re going to be more rock ‘n’ roll; more electric guitar, less banjo,” Derrick says. “Our goal is still to focus on the singer-songwriter. This is going to be a place where you go to seek out new music.” 

The Neon Rooster makes its debut Thursday, Oct. 28, with an open house featuring performances by Moore County natives Danielle Cormier and Jonathan Robinson. See the rest of the lineup here

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