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Shears, Buzz and Rock ‘n Roll

Your time to visit Jenny Moree’s A Salon That Rocks is being cut short. The Southern Pines staple, will be closing in December. Jenny has been cutting hair in Moore County for 27 years and specializes in short haircuts. She is recognizable from her edgy clothes, leather pants, what she calls her “crazy hair,” tattoos and her black corvette. 

When making her salon, Jenny wanted to surround herself with all the things she loved. “I love hair, I love music. So I meshed it together,” says Jenny, “I wanted it to be comfortable for both genders.” The unique space was black and red with guitars and rock albums covering the walls. “People would point at different albums and tell me stories of concerts or memories. It would take them back,” says Jenny, “Music brings people together.”

Jenny has always wanted to live at the beach and decided to move for the ~shear~ fun of it. While she will miss the salon she built, she is ready to simplify her life. She is making the move to Myrtle Beach where she will continue to cut hair on a much smaller scale. “I thought to myself, you need to start really living your life. I’m almost 50,” says Jenny. “I’ve always wanted to travel more, I just didn’t think it was possible.”

“I’m going to miss what I have with my clients. They become like family. As a hairstylist they tell you things they don’t even tell a therapist,” says Jenny. Jenny also knows she’ll miss how much people were there for her. “I’ve always felt so supported here in Moore County,” she says. “I’m just so thankful for everyone.”  

But because all good things must comb to an end, her last day in the salon will be December 14. She typically does 17-25 haircuts a day and around 2,500 a year leaving her schedule filled to the trim. She’s looking forward to slowing down a bit. “I will miss little things like seeing Joseph Hill walking down the street always smiling,” she says, “or seeing Linda from C.Cups.” It may be bittersweet, but that’s show biz, baby. Wish Jenny good locks on her new adventure. 

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