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Meet Tori Davis, a nonalcoholic drink enthusiast who is creating a business centered around NA drink options: JB & Co.

“Overall, it’s tough to find good non-alcoholic drinks. I don’t just want some sugary juice,” says Tori. She is passionate about raising awareness that these drinks exist, especially when many social and community events seem to be centered around drinking. “There’s a big demographic left out of social things because they choose not to drink.”  

No booze seems to be the buzz. There are many new NA beverages are made with herbs, functional mushrooms and nootropics that can give effects similar to those you would get from drinking alcohol, without the negative effects. There are even NA bars — this winter, a fully zero-proof bar opens in Raleigh to give non-drinkers a bar atmosphere. Umbrella Dry Bar has been serving the sober curious at various events and popups around the Triangle and officially secured a lease in downtown Raleigh back in October.

“I’m a social person, I love going out. I’m a chef’s daughter. I love fine dining. I love having wine but I realized alcohol wasn’t serving my body,” Tori says. “It can be so tempting to reach for something at the end of the day to relax.”

In 2020, like many people, Tori realized reaching for alcohol was becoming a habit. She began researching and trying other products that would give the feeling of taking the edge off, and found beverages were the most consistent.

“I went down the functional route, I tried the CBD gummies but ended up not liking it as much. Beverages are easier to monitor.” She began posting about the NA drinks she would find and found a lot of people curious about them.

Tori’s goal with NA beverages is to give options for people who want to be social or want to get that calming effect but don’t necessarily want alcohol. “It’s the only substance people question you not consuming. I want to be inclusive.”

Tori has already hosted what she calls Sober Soirees to test the waters, and says they went really well. “Everyone has some kind of relationship with alcohol, whether they’ve never touched it, celebrate with it or drink it every day. I love hearing different stories at the sober soirees.” 

She plans to continue having the soirees open to anyone as part of her business. They will be ticketed events and guests will leave with more knowledge on NA drinks and also get the chance to socialize in a different kind of setting. Plus, you still get to drink out of fancy little cups. Tori can also take orders for batch functional cocktails if anyone is interested in having that for their own event.

JB & Co. will also be offering curated NA drink sample boxes that change each month. Tori says she vets everything she puts in the boxes. “I look at what makes you feel something, what tastes good, what pairs well with other things.”

Knowing it can be hard to explore the NA world, Tori wants to act as your local expert. For example, she knows that if you want an alternative to wine that still offers the same flavor profiles, you should look for something that says “de-alcoholized wine” not “non-alcoholic wine.” These beverages are made the same way as alcoholic beverages, but the alcohol is removed after the fermentation process.

Tori has lived in Moore County for two years and says she would love to eventually open a physical location in Southern Pines. While that’s not in the cards right now, she’d love to connect more with the hospitality world. She is also working on creating her own product, “unlike anything out on the market,” which she wants to get a patent for before releasing it for sale.

If you’re interested in following along you can visit Tori’s personal instagram or her JB&Co page which is still a work in progress. You can also email Jbandcobeverage@gmail.com if you’re interested in purchasing a box, a batch or just want to connect.

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