As if a new baby zebra (squeal) wasn’t enough, Aloha Safari Zoo now has a BFF for Stretch, the ironically named giraffe. Meet 11-month-old Milton, who zoo manager Kristen Moore describes as a “really tall, goofy baby.”

An undisclosed facility in North Carolina that had too many male giraffes asked Aloha to take him in. Unlike Stretch, whose growth was stunted before he was rescued from a too-small enclosure, Milton will grow to be a regular-sized giraffe and tower over his 9-year-old companion. 

Because in the wild, male giraffes live in “bachelor herds,” Kristen said Aloha Safari Zoo had been seeking a partner for Stretch for years. “We all kind of held our breath for the last month, but they hit it off instantly.”

Visit Milton and Stretch from 9-5 on Tuesdays through Sundays. Admission is $12; kids under 2 are free. P.S. The zoo is raising money for upgrades to the giraffe enclosure. More on that here.

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