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When we released our do’s and don’ts of golf for beginners, one reader asked us how to get their kid involved in golf. We needed to share our findings, because what kid wouldn’t love the chance to hit things with a stick?

If your kid has an attention span that lasts longer than 5 seconds, they’re at the perfect age to start. This probably won’t entail taking them to play 9 holes with you and your buddies, but a trip to the range with a willing parent or a lesson with a pro lets them pick up the basics and start loving the game. Knollwood Fairways has every size club you can imagine to rent for the day (or longer) so you don’t have to drop the money on the equipment in case your kid decides next week that they want to play lacrosse instead.

Take advantage of Santa’s Best Deal in Golf, like pre-paid range packages for up to 100 buckets for you and your little one to take a swing at golf. Or give the gift of lessons with one of the 4 golf pros on staff. Because you’re tired of hearing about Fortnite, get the kiddos out of the house and teach them to love the sport of the Sandhills.

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