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Be a Trend Sweater


January seems like an endless month. We need a reason to celebrate something again and clearly the world agrees, because local shops are rolling out their Valentine’s Day merch. Here’s where you can dress the part:

  • Kataphora Boutique: Be too glam to give a damn. Whether you’re going out for a dinner or hosting Galentine’s Day, find something as sparkly as you in sweaters, skirts and shirts. Mwah.
  • Knickers: If Netflix and chill is you and your SO’s love language, pick up themed PJs or something silky — for both of you. Send a hint.
  • Manifest Boutique: Want to turn a few heads or maybe break necks? Manifest Boutique is your place. We’ll even write your Instagram caption for you: Roses are red. This outfit is fire. Here’s a selfie for y’all to admire. You’re welcome.
  • Mockingbird: Because lovey-dovey stuff might give you a bit of the ick, but you’re a sucker for a theme. Keep it real with a T-shirt that has as much sass as you. Go off, queen 
  • Monkee’s of the Pines: Show everyone how nice you are with a classic sweetheart sweater, and complete the look with a bag and shoes. XOXO, Gossip Girl
  • Love Rose: If pink is not a color, but a lifestyle, find all things to fit your wardrobe at Love Rose Boutique. Pinkies up.
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