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Note: This is part of a Sway series, in which our writers try things outside of their comfort zone. Today’s installment: Body Flow at FirstHealth Fitness.

Know you need to work out — but also know no amount of pre-workout can make you ready for Zumba? Same.

So I decided to try Body Flow: a FirstHealth class that focuses on strengthening your core and improving your balance in a mix of yoga, tai chi and Pilates that promises to leave you feeling “long, strong, centered and calm.”

I honestly wasn’t sure it would deliver. But I left feeling as relaxed as I did sweaty.

The Class:

The first step is a warm-up, followed by a yoga flow, a strength session, two different core work tracks, a balance track and a stretching track. The course switches up frequently, which is great for me — I love yoga but often struggle with slow movements and controlling my breathing. And even though the direction often changed, the class remained easy to follow.

I felt relaxed. Stretched out. Less sore from a workout the day before. Even so, my abs could feel the work I had just put in.

We never thought we would find a way to work out and feel rested at the same time, but we have — and we know we need more of it in our life. See the Body Flow schedule here.

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