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Because bungee-cord cardio has dropped into Southern Pines. Jennifer Baur and her husband, Sean, have transformed the former home of Play Escape (103 Perry Drive) into the new home of TWS Technology — where you’ll strap in for a high-intensity, low-impact workout that’ll sweep you off your feet.

Jennifer taught a variety of fitness classes after earning certifications in her native France. “Then, I tried bungee and I fell in love. I like flying. And actually, it’s pretty hard cardio. It looks easy, but it’s not.”

The couple met in Italy — Jennifer happened to run into an American soldier while on vacay — and later moved to Washington, where they founded the TWS brand. They brought the business model with them when they relocated to Moore County three months ago. Now, people of all shapes and sizes can try bungee fitness in Southern Pines.

Jennifer and Sean want to create a gym that “feels like a family.” They’re pictured with children Laura and Rayan; not pictured is their oldest, Clara. 

“When I saw the space, I knew it was perfect,” Jennifer says. “It was meant to be.” Here’s what you can expect: 

  • A room with space for 10 people to try bungee fitness in Southern Pines
  • A small space for kids to play while parents work out
  • Plenty of punching bags for cardio kickboxing classes (warning: Jennifer trained in MMA while preparing her program)

TWS Technology opens July 1. Sign up for a free week here.

BUNGEE BONUS: Wondering what you would look like doing bungee fitness in Southern Pines? Better than the wet noodle we sent to try it out.

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