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With each new fitness facility, we’re running out of excuses to skip workouts. Expected to open in late July, the Burn Boot Camp franchise focuses on group fitness “camps.” Call it a class and you’ll be forced to do five burpees.

How many 700 calorie workouts does it take to burn off a growler of NE IPA? Asking for a friend. Also, we stole this image from Google, but the local franchise will look similar.

Each 45-minute camp is led by a personal trainer and designed to help you burn 700 calories. Workouts change each week to keep your muscles in a state of confusion. And So your kids aren’t a pain in the ass while you try to tone yours, there’s free childcare for children ages 12 weeks through 12 years.

Meet the Burn Boot Camp team (left to right): Tyrone Jones (owner), Toni Jones (owner), Nicole Foster (operations manager) and Tony Dixon (head trainer).

This franchise is owned by Raleigh couple Tyrone and Toni Jones, and will be managed by Nicole Foster, who recently moved here from Raleigh.

They haven’t settled on official prices yet, but follow this link to sign up for 30 days free — you won’t even have to put in any credit card information. If you sign up after the free spots are filled, you can get in on a first-month membership deal; $30 for 30 days.

Burn Boot Camp is located at 290-A Turner Street (near Staples). Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see when they’ll be out and about with more Burn Boot Camp sneak peaks.

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