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Deliver a batch of tasty cookies, along with the recipe, to *Sway HQ* byDec. 15. Why? So we can eat them. We’ll pick our favorite and let you watch our attempt to replicate the recipe in a video on Dec. 21.

Here’s the rules: They must be original (as in not from the back of the chocolate chip bag); they must look as the recipe intended (ugly on purpose welcome); and, well, that’s it. Just please don’t poison us.

Since we can’t stop giving back (it’s a problem): We’ll gift the maker of the winning cookie with a sweet basket, including a free gingerbread decorating class at the Flavor Exchange. Because decorating is more fun when someone else takes care of the cleanup.

*SWAY HQ is located at The Pilot, at 145 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Southern Pines.

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