Light it Up, Up, Up

Ah, time for the age-old tradition of burning our expensive Moore County Gasoline while judging complete strangers’ decorating skills (even though they put in way more effort than us). Here are some such decorators who once again not only understood the assignment, but completed extra credit.

Almost everyone at Whisper Grove Court, Whispering Pines:

This Collection of homes beckons to travelers only impressed by displays that can be seen from space. Ground control to major Todd (Reed), whose glowing abode marks the end of the cul-de-sac. Roll down your window on your way, as you’ll pass a neighbor whose lights are set to music blaring from a speaker in their front yard.

The Greene Brothers Christmas Show:

This drive-through tunnel, synched to music, is one you’ll want to be caught in when the broadcast rotation lands on All I Want for Christmas is You. Experience this two-home show by turning into the driveway at 4200 Niagara Carthage Road in Whispering Pines, then turning left onto Cardinal Drive. This year, the brothers are collecting donations for The Ellie Jean Project.

Park Court, Pinehurst No. 6:

Follow Juniper Creek Boulevard to Oak Tree Lane, then turn onto Park Court and be pleasantly blinded by the house of Toni and Yvonne Chempinski. They’ve been impressing the neighbors long before winning Pinehurst’s Christmas Decorating Contest in 2019.

2994 U.S. 1, Vass:

Jeremy Power has again set his home ablaze with more than 20,000 lightbulbs in a display he calls Lights of the Pines. There’s plenty of room to pull off the road directly across the street and watch the filaments dance to 91.7 FM.

135 Fox Run Road, Pinehurst:

Holly Jolly Lights is at it again with a nightly display set to 98.9 FM. Make this IRL music video part of your holiday playlist.

Want more? Of course you do. Check out this fun map created by Kati Horvath — direct link here.

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